Pool Chemicals

A focused team of product managers and account managers enable Quadra to provide a variety of chemical ingredients and additives with proven solutions and superior service, along with the support of supplier partners who have global reach with cost effective solutions and superior quality products.

pool chemicals

Quadra offers a broad range of products for the pool and spa industry to keep your water experience clean and safe.   We fight algae & bacteria with some of the best products in the business.  Our pool and spa products include materials for pH control, water clarification, chlorination and filtration.  Where possible we actively support the use of greener choice materials which is very popular in the pool and spa sector.  Partnering with leading chemical manufacturers such as Clearon Industries, Quadra provides raw materials for the processing and repackaging of pucks, sticks, and blended pool & spa treatments such as:
  • Bromines
  • Isocyanates
  • pH control & stabilizers
Quadra has extensive experience in this specialized repackaging sector, and understands the need for highest quality products. Our technical team is available to answer any questions and assist with formulating to help you get optimum results.