About Us

Our national marketing structure, industry-focused business groups
and seamless supplier relationships make Quadra an informed market leader
of chemical and ingredient distribution services in Canada.


As a privately held family business, Quadra has a long term perspective allowing to continue to exceed expectations. Much of our growth and success can be attributed to our people focused approach to doing business and our recent Great Place to Work Certification is an example of this. Thanks to our dedicated employees and our partnerships that we have with our customers and suppliers, we have grown to be a leader in Chemical and Ingredient distribution solutions. We are proud to retain our status as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the last 18 years (Platinum Status).

Our Ingredients, Industrial and Resources divisions encompass seven distinct business units, each servicing specific target markets. In each of these areas, our specialized team strives to provide innovative business solutions maximizing value for our key customers and suppliers.

I welcome you to join Quadra on our journey to deliver superior value to all our stakeholders. Please visit our site to learn more about our target markets, our product lines and supplier partners, our social responsibility initiatives, our latest news & events and our career opportunities.

Yours Sincerely,
Anne Marie Infilise, President

Anne-Marie Infilise
Philip Infilise

CEO’s Message

Quadra’s rich history spans 44 years of excellence and commitment to our core values and loyalty to our partners and stakeholders. We deliver unmatched value to our suppliers, customers, and partners through our highly engaged and talented team’s exceptional work. Specialized, Effective, and Trusted; it’s more than a tagline; it is a commitment to excellence we uphold every day.

As a privately held family company, we are in a unique position to invest in our future. Through technology, our infrastructure, our people, our partners, and the communities where we do business, we strive to make a lasting difference. This distinct business model allows us to bring specialized solutions to the table and develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Today, across the world, people are feeling the devastating effects of the current pandemic. In these unprecedented times – the pace of change is faster than we ever anticipated, but we stand committed and focused on our goals. Quadra’s core values remain the pillars on which we stand as we navigate our changing world. By tirelessly serving key customers & industries, choosing caring, integrity & our people as our filter for success, we are committed to being part of the solution.

In the spirit that defines Quadra, I invite you to explore our website and collaborate with one of our exceptional professionals. We look forward to sharing in the discovery of what Quadra can offer you.

Philip Infilise, CEO