Polymeric Sand

Our wide selection of polymers and additives are designed to help enhance the properties of polymeric sand in the areas of durability, resistance to environmental conditions, preventing washouts, deterring erosion and inhibiting weed growth.

polymeric sand

Using polymeric sand is an important step in installing concrete pavers, brick pavers, stone pavers and other pavers. The chemistry behind locking the sand particles together in between the joints which helps lock all the pavers together can be complex. Quadra offers a range of polymers and additives designed to help enhance the properties of polymeric sand such as in the performance areas of durability, preventing washouts, deterring weed growth and other key properties important to any polymeric sand. Our involvement as a technical solution provider to this industry has grown over the years as polymeric sand continues to expand its utilization in the construction industry. Our product categories in the Polymeric Sand segment include:
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • VAE Re-dispersible Powders
Services offered to this market include:
  • Product training for technical and operations personnel
  • Local warehousing and superior logistics services