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We are committed to Sustainable Suppliers

Quadra is proud to partner with industry leading sustainable companies for food ingredients. Our efforts toward sustainability have been recognized by EcoVadis, a third-party certification which rates sustainability performance based on the following themes: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. We are pleased to have achieved a Gold Status Rating for 2020 which represents the top 5% of companies. Each of the listed companies have innovative sustainable products or industry solutions which showcase their drive to rethink the environmental impact of consumer products and are either recognized by EcoVadis and a member of the UNGC. The supplier we partnered around the globe specialize in the manufacturing of sustainable food ingredients to provide enhanced nutrition with environmentally friendly alternatives. Each of the companies have earned highly regarded sustainable certifications for their products recognizing the impact these products have on agriculture, forests, and land biodiversity. Many of our partnered companies have instilled fundamental sustainability commitments from extraction of resources to the production and manufacturing of products. We assess them on the following aspects that support the United Nations Global Compact and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.:

1. Product Lines – Addresses the impact of products and services on human wellbeing and the planet’s sustainability.

2. Sustainable Operations – Considers the environmental and social impacts of the business and its operations, including resource use (land, water, energy) and emissions, respect for human rights, and decent work conditions.

3. Sustainable Value Chains – Reflects the company’s role in and responsibility for the broader ecosystem of which it is part, its interaction with its supply chain, producers, parallel industries, and consumers.

4. Good Corporate Citizenship – Refers to how companies are governed internally, and how they engage externally. In both areas, it assesses whether companies encourage and reward conduct advances inclusive of sustainable development.

EcoVadis Gold 2020
Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted goals aligned the greatest with Quadra’s sustainability efforts along with the majority of our Sustainable Suppliers

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