With many sources of starches, Quadra offers solutions to improve strength, reduce linting and assist the retention and drainage program.  Results are optimum brightness, superior strength, and enhanced paper machine performance.


  • Cationic wet-end starches (Hi-Cat® from Roquette) for increased paper strength and reduced linting/milking. We support our starch applications by offering a unique, high-efficiency, starch Jet
  • Cooker leasing and service program
  • Stabilys® bio-polymers from Roquette for reduced coating costs through latex dosage reductions
  • Titanium dioxide (anatase and rutile) for improved brightness and opacity
  • Polyvinyl alcohol (from Chang Chun) for surface treatment, film forming and OBA hold-out
  • Greaseproofing agents: Fluorocarbon (Flexiwet® from ICT) and PVOH (from CCPC)
  • Prayphos® technical phosphoric acid for pH control in neutral papermaking
  • Quadwet® wetting agent for improved water penetration in corrugating medium and other paper grades
  • Caustic soda for pH control
  • Sodium bicarbonate for pH buffering
  • Sodium carbonate for pH buffering at higher level

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