Offering a wide range of solutions for bleaching and brightness improvement, along with technical know-how to help you overcome challenges.  Formulated hydrosulfite solutions, chelating agents, sodium silicate and optical brightening agents.


  • Formulated hydrosulfite solutions (HY BRITE® from Hydro technologies)
  • Formulated sodium hydrosulfite powder (Hydros® from Hydro Technologies)
  • Chelating agents (Dissolvine EDTA and DTPA from Akzo Nobel), to capture metals that are detrimental to hydrosulfite and peroxide bleaching
  • Sodium silicate (OXY Chemicals) to increase pH and buffer the peroxide reaction
  • Caustic soda to increase pH
  • Hydrogen peroxide (from Arkema)
  • Methanol (from Methanex) for chlorine dioxide generation

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