Refining & Upgrading

Quadra offers a wide variety of technical and commodity products to support our refining and upgrading
customers. These include amines, mole sieve, activated alumina, fuel additives and many others.

oil refining/upgrading

Quadra offers a wide range of chemicals that enhance our customers operation, and through strong technical support Quadra is able to provide additional optimization and reliability.

Technical support services include:

  • 24/7 Technical and Sales Support
  • Training Courses
  • Optimization and Energy Audits
  • Simulations
  • Sample Analysis

Core Products:

Amines, Acids, Caustic Soda, DMDS, Fuel Additives (Cetane and Lubricity Improver), Activated Alumina (Guard Beds, Sulfur Catalyst and other catalysts), Molecular Sieve, Support/Mass Transfer Media Activated Carbon and many other products used throughout the upgrading and refining sector.

Core Suppliers:

Huntsman, Axens, Canexus, Oxy, GRACE, Methanex, Eurenco, Chevron-Phillips