Processing Aids

DuBois Chemicals Water Treatment and processing aids programs offer several solutions for your mining operations

DuBois Chemicals Water Treatment and processing aids programs offer several solutions for your mining operations.


Calcium carbonates and sulphates are the main scale components commonly encountered in the mining industries. Changes in water chemistry (temperature, pH, stream mixing) can cause these elements to deposit in the form of scale inside piping and tanks. Over time, scale deposition makes the inner area of pipes smaller, which will either decrease the volume and/or increase the pressure of the liquid flowing through the system.

Why use an antiscalant?

  • To reduce down-time due to pipe restrictions
  • To reduce maintenance cost.
  • To prevent extensive build up on equipment and parts causing major operational difficulties.

Dust Suppressant

Dust is classified as any fine, dry, soil, minerals and other particles present in the environment. The effectiveness of a dust suppressant is governed by the chemical interaction between the dust particle and the dust suppressant. The dust suppressant is designed to spread on the ore surface area faster than water. This decrease the contact time as well as dosage needed to achieve coverage. It needs to be environmentally friendly and specially formulated for the targeted dust particle.

What are the advantages of using a dust suppressant on mine roads?

  • To improve workers safety and health.
  • To improve visibility.
  • To reduce water consumption.
  • Longer product practical life greatly increases the time between applications.
  • To reduce fugitive dust in the environment or in town nearby

Ice control

Anti-icing is the application of chemicals to melt ice present and prevent the formation of ice surfaces.

Why use ice control?

  • For workers safety and health.
  • Eliminates material freezing / sticking in haul truck beds.
  • To creates a barrier to minimize snow and ice bonding to ore and waste materials.
  • To improve crushing efficiencies.
  • Prevent formation of frosted chunks which could damage equipment.

Laboratory testing

Dubois laboratory test work has been designed to test product range under real life application conditions and have been proven to predict wetting results at site. Proprietary testing methods involve classifying the smallest particle portion from the general ore size distribution and testing the wetting time of the products vs water at various temperature conditions experienced at site.

Summer grade products:

Test work is performed at room temperature, as long as the temperatures at the site are above zero, the wetting time will be well represented in this test. Summer product will provide high wettability at low dosage.

Cold grade products:

Cold weather testing is conducted with ore and product first at -20 oC and confirmed at -40 oC with spot testing. Winter product will work by providing both dust suppression as well as some level of anti-freezing benefits to support crushing and screening operation.

Plant TrialS


Once the appropriate antiscalant is selected, a plant trial is put in place for a define period. Product and dosage are initially set for the start-up based on solution chemistry and adjustment are made upon follow-up results. Product performances can be monitored using coupons, swappable pipe and product consumption can be monitored/adjusted through programmable logic controller and telemetry system.

Dust suppressant:

Once products appropriate to the specific nature of the ore and seasons are selected, a plant trial is put in place. A pre-assembled dust suppressant application skid is sent to the mine location for trial. Product and dosage are initially set for the start-up based on laboratory results and adjustment are made upon follow-up results.

Technical Support

Experienced field representatives understand your process systems. Combined with their knowledge of Dubois’ proprietary, in-house designed technology and custom designed application equipment, they provide on-site, cost-effective solutions.

From test work design, through plant trial and operation product utilisation, field representatives will support each step with technical expertise covering recommendation for addition points, dosages, trainings and chemistry reviews to adapt to ore changes. Continuous support and improvement are key values for long term solutions.

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Equipment & productS

The application equipment is supplied and provided in a pre-assembled skid that can be installed close to where needed for ease of operation or portable chemical equipment stations could be utilized for an optimal product delivery and supply. Product can be delivered in totes or in bulk depending on site setup and consumption.

Product Range:

  • Antiscalant:
    • Recycled Water Antiscalant
    • IPAC Series
  • Dust suppressant:
    • Conveyed and Road Dust
    • Envirobind Series
  • Tailings Dust:
    • Envirocrust Series
  • Ice control:
    • Ore Freezing
    • Enviromelt Series