Adhesives and Sealants

Offering a wide range of raw material products for the formulation of Polymer Emulsions, Hot Melts, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Reactive Systems, Flooring/Tile and Sealants/Caulking.

adhesives and sealants

The constantly increasing requirements of new consumer products are the driving force for technological progress. We are surrounded with adhesives and sealant formulated products and at times we may not even be aware to what extent. Adhesives and sealants have been used for centuries, with the earliest adhesives and sealants being made of natural materials, such as tree sap, beeswax and tar. Today, since the emergence of synthetic polymers, the range of adhesive and sealant formulations has expanded. Our vast product range allows for creativity and continued improvements to adhesives and sealants technology. We offer raw material products for your formulations whether you are involved in polymer emulsions, hot melts, pressure sensitive, reactive systems, flooring adhesives or caulking applications. Our team of sales professionals offers the expertise and technical knowledge to introduce creativity to your formulating and business requirements.

  • Polymer Emulsions
  • Hot Melts
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • Reactive Systems
  • Flooring and Tile
  • Sealants and Caulking