BTSA – Antioxidants & Vitamin E


Quadra has been a proud partner with BTSA since 2004 offering a wide range of antioxidant solutions and natural Vitamin E.

Oxidation is occurring around us every day from UV rays to rusted metal and of course, the food we eat.  BTSA has been dedicated to the science of preventing oxidation in food, animal nutrition and personal care products since 1994.  As our world continues to develop new products shipped directly to consumers with longer shelf-lives in the stores, preventing oxidation is more relevant today than ever.

Brands, processors, and entrepreneurs have a lot at stake already with product development, marketing, distribution, sales, and more.  BTSA brings confidence to the table by offering the antioxidant solutions to keep their products stable and fresh through the duration of shelf-life so the consumer experience is always the best and repeat business is more likely.


At BTSA, we are passionate about delighting our customers with the highest quality and functional ingredients for creating healthier lives.  Everything we do in our company is centered around the customer and their success.  It is for them that we exist and strive to improve ourselves every day and for them that we treat every day as “Day 1”.

Since 1994, BTSA has specialized in producing natural antioxidant solutions using physical methods – distillation (versus extraction using solvents) from non-GMO soybean and sunflower sources. We solve oxidation issues and help with extending shelf life while protecting products from physical degradation, at a low cost in use.

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Tocobiol® is an all-natural, Non-GMO Project Verified antioxidant, distilled from vegetable oil or sunflower oil using proprietary technology. It is an excellent product that protects food products and nutritional supplements by preserving their active ingredients and increasing product shelf life with no effect on color or smell of the final product. Tocobiol® is recommended to stabilize oils, fats, meat products, snacks, bakery, nutritional supplements, and dietetic products. Unique to the market, Tocobiol® is a highly synergistic product developed exclusively by BTSA. It naturally contains tocopherols, monoglycerides, plant sterols, and squalenes and is easily dispersed in to a wide range of products.

Tocobiol® Blends are a wide range of tailored antioxidant solutions for any food or nutraceutical application. Tocobiol® is blended with either natural or semi-natural antioxidants to create a synergistic effect that increases the antioxidant capacity of the product. We offer blends with ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C), green tea extract, lecithin, rosemary extract or propyl gallate. Our experienced team of professionals will advise you to help develop the best antioxidant for your product.

Nutrabiol® T is 100% natural mixed tocopherol concentrates from Non-GMO vegetable oil or sunflower oil. Nutrabiol® T is a powerful natural antioxidant for food and nutraceutical products and is very effective in low concentrations with no effect on the color or smell of the final product. Nutrabiol® T is available both in soybean and sunflower origin, in concentrations up to 90% and 50%, respectively. BTSA is one of the only producers in the world that distills sunflower oil to a 50% concentrate.

Nutrabiol E® is 100% Natural Vitamin E from Non-GMO vegetable oil and is the best alternative to synthetic vitamin E as it has a higher bioavailability thus improving its performance. Our vitamin E is European quality and is available in different concentrations (International Units) and in ester form for greater stability.


  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • All-Natural
  • Organic Compliant
  • Clean-Label
  • Low Cost-in-Use
  • Easy to Use in Operations
  • Synergistic Blends
  • Laboratory Services
  • Liquid or Powder
  • Soy or Sunflower
  • EU Produced
  • Allergen-Free
  • GFSI Facility
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