ADDAPT – Environmentally Friendly Additives

ADDAPT Chemicals BV is a Dutch company specializing in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly additives for a wide variety of mainly water based systems

ADDAPT Chemicals BV is an independent chemical company located in the Netherlands and specialized in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly additives for a wide variety of mainly water based systems. In-depth knowledge of additives makes us a respected and reliable ‘GLOCAL’ supplier and enables us to offer you creative and often innovative solutions.

Our extensive range of additives are used for various industry groups all over the world such as (industrial) coatings, adhesives, (decorative) paints, renders/putties, printing inks, foam control agents, lubricants, waste water treatment, cement/concrete gypsum and protective care systems.

For tomorrow’s technology, for tomorrow’s world…

We put emphasis on the development of new, high performing and environmentally acceptable chemicals, making us a valuable partner for companies developing tomorrow’s technology for tomorrow’s world.

Hybrid Adhesion Promoters

The ADDAPT VeoPox™ range is designed as novel adhesion promoters for those formulators or resin manufacturers developing DTM systems for light-, mid- and heavy-duty systems.

VeoPox™ systems are chemical hybrid systems based on combinations of Epoxy, Fatty Acid and (Meth)acrylates. The VeoPox™ range can be used as additives giving excellent adhesion and corrosion protection in systems like:

  •     Solvent-based systems/High solid/Solvent free systems cured by peroxide or driers;
  •      Solvent free UV-curable systems.

For use in water-based systems like Alkyd Emulsions, VeoPox™ emulsions are available. It is also possible for those skilled in the art, to incorporate VeoPox™ in Acrylic, Styrene/Acrylic and VeoVa™ polymer dispersions via mini emulsion/mass transfer techniques creating even more interesting chemical hybrid systems for water-based DTM applications.

Coalescing Agents

ADDAPTOL DB is a non-VOC oxygenated solvent for use as a coalescing agent in water based coatings. ADDAPTOL DB is also used in floor lacquers, coatings for concrete surfaces and other coatings where high performance is needed.

  • Hydrolytically stable
  • Low odour;
  • Extended open time;
  • Better water resistance of the dried coating;
  • Better scrub resistance due to more complete coalescence of hard polymers and less affinity to water than other coalescing agents.
Corrosion Inhibitors

Novel Anti-Corrosion Additives and Metal Passivators

The Anticor and Ferrocor range protects surfaces from corrosion. The range includes anti-corrosives for aluminium, copper, magnesium, brass and ferrous surfaces.

Defoamers – Foam Control Agents

The Foamstop range offers Foam Control Agents that include water soluble, powdered and VOC-free products that can be used in many applications, for example: VOC-free emulsion systems based on PVAC and acrylics, curtain coatings, emulsion paints and water-based systems.

Foam Control Agents for the Food Processing Industry

The Foamstop ‘SIN’ grades are Foam Control Agents that are especially developed for the food processing industry.

Application areas are: sugar production, potato processing, fermentation, vegetable processing, dairy products, meat/poultry/seafood and animal feed (non EU).

Functional Monomers


The PolySurF products are functional monomers and additives that are used for UV-curing and emulsion polymerisation. PolySurF can be used as adhesion promoter and polymerisable stabiliser. End uses include:

  • wet-scrub improvement of emulsions,
  • adhesives,
  • bonding agents,
  • detergents and cleaners.
Neutralizing Agents

Codis 95™

ADDAPT® Chemicals BV now markets CODIS™ 95, a proprietary blend of Alkanol-amines with an active content of 90%. This is an almost colourless liquid with a low viscosity, that remains liquid at temperatures below -10°C and withstands >5 freeze/thaw cycles at -15°C. It is an excellent pH-buffer with emulsifying properties. CODIS 95 is a cost-effective neutralizing agent and co-dispersant for interior/exterior coatings, lacquers, adhesives and inks.

Additionally ADDAPT® Chemicals BV markets CODIS™ BIO, a multifunctional neutralizing agent for Ecolabel certified paints. It enhances compatibility with pigments, wetting and flash rust inhibition. It is based on renewable components, VOC/SVOC free and without hazardous labelling.

Pigment Dispersion


A full range of wetting and dispersing additives.  No ball mill required!

ADDISP™ 250 & ADDISP™ 600N: Modified polyacrylates providing excellent pigment stabilization of fillers and especially Titanium Dioxide, improving wet scrub and rub out properties.

ADDISP™ 750: A wetting and dispersing additive for both organic and inorganic pigments and oxide type pigments.

ADDISP™ 950: A new versatile universal wetting and dispersing additive for high-grade resin free pigment pastes, suitable for both water borne and solvent borne applications.

ADDISP™ 950: APEO and VOC free and a high-molecular weight non-ionic
additive. It is highly effective in milling of carbon blacks and highly concentrated pigment pastes.

ADDISP™ 850 & ADDISP™ 550: The range is completed with two grades for the sustainable additives range of ADDAPT Chemicals BV. ADDISP™ 850 is a dispersing agent, which can be used in combination with the wetting agent ADDISP™ 550. Both additives are biodegradable, APEO, solvent and VOC-free

Wetting & Levelling Agents

Addapt BioWet™

The BioWet range of biodegradable, non-ionic chemicals are wetting/levelling agents used for water-borne or water-based applications. These wetting/levelling agents offer static and dynamic surface tensions and some have FDA compliance for direct and indirect food contact.

The BioWet range has been extended with three new grades especially developed for lacquers.

Sustainable Additive Portfolio

ADDAPT Chemicals BV is active in the development and marketing of new innovative additives for environmentally friendly non-VOC systems with emphasis on sustainable chemistry.

Check out the brochure for sustainable additives:

  • Corrosion Inhibitor – Anticor
  • Wetting, Levelling and Open Time Improvers – BioWet™
  • Defoamer & Antifoam – Foamstop
  • Co-Dispersants – CODIS™ & ADDISP™
  • Stabilized Silicate Solutions – SilStab™