Sustainability - Health & Personal Care

Read about our commitment to provide Sustainable Solutions in the Personal Care sector

We are committed to Sustainable Suppliers

Quadra is proud to partner with industry leading sustainable companies for Personal Care & Health Care products. Each of the listed companies have innovative sustainable products or industry solutions which showcase their drive to rethink the environmental impact of consumer products. At Quadra, we believe that supporting sustainability driven companies positively impacts the industry for innovating environmentally conscious products.

We have partnered with Personal Care & Health Care companies across the world which are the driving forces for changes in food nutrition, pharmaceuticals and food ingredient products. Each of the companies have earned high regarded sustainable certifications for their products recognizing the impact these products have on forests, oceans, and land biodiversity.

As an active member of the United Nations Global Compact, Quadra is proud to share that the majority of our Sustainable Suppliers are members of UNGC and have taken progressive measure toward the 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

EcoVadis Gold 2020

The highlighted goals aligned the greatest with Quadra’s sustainability efforts along with the majority of our Sustainable Suppliers

Certified B Corporation

The B Corp certification is a third-party certification that is granted to companies embodying sustainable business practices and achieving a positive net impact on the external community. A company is eligible to become certified when achieving a specified score on the rigorous B Impact Assessment that outlines if the company has made efforts to impact workers, customers, community and the environment.

EcoCert Cosmos Organic

The Ecocert COSMOS Certification is a globally recognized label which certifies organic or natural cosmetics. Companies undergo a process in which the international COSMOS standard and or the private Ecocert standard verifies the products integrity prior to receiving a label. The products are verified based on composition, processing and packaging. A product is only granted certification by Ecocert COSMOS organic if 99% if the ingredients are derived naturally and a minimum of 95% of any plant ingredient must be organic.

EU EcoLabel

The EU Ecolabel was established in 1992, and is globally represented this label is granted for products which maintain high environmental standards throughout the life-cycle. This means the products must adhere to the guidelines of promoting a circular economy, reducing waste and limiting CO2 during all life-cycle stages.

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is a world leading certification for products and services that are deemed both protective and respectful on marine habitats. This certification provides the highest standard of integrity for all consumer food and products relating to fisheries, aquaculture, fishmeal and omega 3 Fish Oil. To maintain the integrity of this certification yearly audits are performed by independent and international certification bodies that follow the strict criteria put forth by Friends of the Sea.


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is a certification which controls the sustainable palm oil supply chain from start to finish. This certification ensures that any products which is RSPO certified has maintained this status throughout the entire production process starting from forest extraction. The integrity of the certification is upheld by auditing to prevent overselling or mixing products with non-sustainable palm oil.


The Non-GMO Project certification is a North American non-profit third-party verification for non-GMO consumer goods and food products. Products earn this certification mark when they have been evaluated to meet Non-GMO Project Standards. This standard ensures that the product hasn’t been produced with any genetic modification and the entirety of ingredients are free from GMOs. This certification showcases that the product upholds the integrity of maintaining natural agriculture practices.