Asphalt Additives

Quadra offers high quality asphalt additives which optimize binder performance. These are materials widely used due to their remarkable properties which prevent cracking, pavement rutting and deformation, thus reducing the maintenance cost of asphalt structures.

Asphalt Additives

Asphalt (or bitumen as it is commonly referred to) is derived from crude oil and is the portion which remains after distillation. Due to the varying sources and grades of crude oil, the composition of raw asphalt can vary widely. Therefore, to ensure consistency and quality, asphalt is modified with various additives. Modified asphalt is continuously faced with a requirement to enhance its performance standard in order to meet changing governmental road testing requirements. Quadra offers a number of product solutions ranging from SBS polymers to specialty additives in order to help you meet the changing performance requirements of modified asphalts.

Quadra offers products classified as Asphalt Additives including:

  • Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)
  • Process Oils
  • Sulphur Prills
  • Polyphosphoric Acid
  • Surfactants for Asphalt Emulsions and Adhesion Promotion
  • Glycerine

Services offered to this market include:

  • Product training for technical and operations personnel
  • Local warehousing and superior logistics services