Employment Practices

Employees are given an opportunity to provide their feedback to Quadra on a regular basis through surveys conducted as part of the Best Small and Medium Employers program as well as through Leadership Team presentations and other engagement exercises.


Quadra has established a comprehensive wellness plan. The plan encourages all Quadra employees to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. Quadra’s wellness program is a leadership driven initiative. The Wellness Committee is comprised of members from each of the local branches and is chaired by a member of the Leadership Team. The members are chosen annually and new enrollment each year is strongly encouraged. The committee chooses a specific health topic to be discussed and highlighted for each month of the year. Monthly meetings are held between the members to decide the activities and themes. Different initiatives are organized in the workplace based on these themes. Some examples of the initiatives organized by the committee include: seminars on nutrition labels and healthy eating, a wellness photo contest showing employees engaged in various physical activities, as well as an inter-branch activity challenge.

The committee also aims to educate employees of the various health assessment tools and services available through Quadra’s benefits plan. This includes how to use our EAP/ Wellness tools such as the Health Risk Assessment Tool. In addition, the committee has organized various initiatives that allow employees to remain active while at work. This includes lunch-time on site fitness classes, running, cycling and walking groups.

Outside of the workplace, employees participate in various charitable activities in groups and teams. These initiatives ensure all employees have access to key information in order to promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Quadra has been voted as one of Canada’s Best Small & Medium Employers since 2010. A component of receiving this award includes assessing how employees perceive their company’s wellness plan. The Wellness committee, with the aid of the Leadership Team strives to continually improve the quality of the policy.

Professional Development:

All Quadra employees are engaged in regular career discussions, goal reviews, and performance evaluations. Managers encourage an “open door” approach to discussions about professional goals to support employees’ career progression and promote career development. Quadra also has an educational reimbursement policy that includes 100% reimbursement for all approved training, including books, software, and other materials.