Quadra Spa Series

Welcome to Quadra's 'Self Care' Spa Essentials Series
Take a moment to breathe. relax. Unwind.
You deserve it!

Quadra’s Personal Care team has developed the “Self Care” Spa Essential Series.
A series designed to bring attention and awareness to beauty rituals.
The results of a good beauty regime are beneficial to both your skin and your mind.
Make self care a priority!


Take care of your skin in-between professional spa visits.  The products featured below offer an array of different concepts designed to recreate a Zen, spa like experience at home with the results to match.  Featuring ingredients from supply partners, these starter formulations can be used as is or customized to create a unique end-product.

The delivery system of a mask allows for a concentrated and focused experience.  This gives the formulator the freedom to select their preferred ingredients without the limitation of fast absorption.

The opaque nature of a facial mask allows the skin to be completely coated with higher concentrations of active ingredients.  This deep penetration of actives provides almost immediate results.

Facial masks deliver minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients to complement your existing beauty regime.

  • Cleanser – Facial Cleanser – Easily removed and non-stripping, this gentle foaming cleanser offers moisturization and a silky feel.
  • Facial Scrub – Sucrose Sorbet Scrub – This “fun” scrub offers gentle exfoliation, high hydration, easy spreadability and is non-oily.
  • Facial Mask – Micro Purifying Mask – The delivery system of a mask allows for a concentrated and focused experience. Micro exfoliation combined with cleansing power.
  • Moisturizer – Aqua Re-source Face Moisturizer Sorbet – Experience a fresh, silky skin feel with long lasting hydration.



Stay tuned for our other Spa Experience segments – coming soon!

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  • Body Treatment