Rubber to Metal Bonding

Cilbond®, an H.B. Fuller brand, is a range of high-performance primers and bonding agents, designed to chemically bond rubber and polyurethane elastomers during the moulding / casting processes to a variety of substrates including metals, plastics and fabrics


CILBOND®’s unique ability to formulate its own polymers for bonding agent development enable us to outperform products currently available and to exceed industry demands and specifications for bonded components. Cilbond® is also a pioneer of one-coat bonding agent technology, with products that combine primer and top-coat technologies for all rubber and urethane types.  Without compromising in-service performance, our unique One-Coat bonding technologies enable our customers to:
  • Minimize processing and production times
  • Minimize inventory and stock levels
  • Reduce adhesive costs
  • Increase output
Cilbond® technology is capable of chemically bonding the following materials:
  • Rubber to Metal
  • Rubber to Plastics
  • Rubber to Fabric
  • Rubber to Glass
  • Polyurethane to Metal
  • Polyurethane to Plastic
  • Rubber to Polyurethane
  • Friction Materials to Metal
Cilbond® performs in a wide array of industries including:
    • Anti-Vibration
    • Seals & Gaskets
    • Belts & Pulleys
    • Friction: Brake Pads
  • OIL & GAS
    • Blow Out Preventers (BOP)
    • Progress Cavity Pumps (PCP)
    • Pipe Lining
    • Rollers
    • Conveyor Belts
    • Grate Sifters
    • Train/Trailer
    • Bridge Bearings
    • Agriculture
    • Tank Lining
    • Wheels/Casters
    • Rollers
    • Telecom
    • Valves