Building Materials

From wallboard to plywood to insulation, building material manufactures rely on Quadra for on-time supply of key raw materials. Our chemicals help to ensure the production of safe, cost-effective and structurally sound products.

building materials

Quadra actively works with a large number of building products manufacturers across Canada. We travel regularly to be face to face with our valued customers, many of whom are located in remote areas. In this wide-ranging business segment, our products function in a number of distinct areas:
  • Wallboard / Joint Compounds – foamers, sag resistance, pH modifiers, release agents, drainage aids, fillers, foam control, corrosion inhibitors
  • Insulation – flame retardants, smoke suppressants, release agents, corrosion inhibitors
  • Wood panels – resin cure modifiers, flame retardants, smoke suppressants, release agents, bleaching products
  • Clay Bricks – sulphate bloom reduction, water retention, rheology modification, pigments, release agents
Services offered to this market include:
  • Product and safety training for technical and operations personnel
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Local warehousing and superior logistics services
  • Plant trial services
  • Compliance services including SDS management
Our product categories in this business segment include:
  • VAE Redispersible Powders
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)
  • TiO2 (Rutile Sulphate and Chloride grades and Anatase grades)
  • Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP)
  • Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC)
  • Methyl Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (MHPC)
  • Silicone Fluids
  • C5 Tackifying Resins
  • C9 Tackifying Resins
  • Phenolic Resins
  • Zinc Oxide