Meggle – Lactose and Co-Processed Excipients

Meggle is a global market leader in direct compression and co-processed tableting excipients.
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Quadra is proud to represent Meggle’s excipient portfolio for the Pharmaceutical and Nutritional industries in Canada since August 2019.

What began in 1887 as a dairy operation in the town of Wasserburg, near Munich, is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical lactose with a strong distribution network present in 110 countries. They have been providing the pharmaceutical market segment for more than 70 years with a broad-based lactose product portfolio found nowhere else in the industry and over 30 years of experience in direct compaction tabletting.


With a committed team of highly qualified employees in all disciplines, customers will benefit from the experience and innovative drive of a pioneer in industrial milk and whey processing.

Meggle is constantly working to develop high-tech, functional products for implementation in customer applications, where they can deliver maximum performance. Even with their advances in innovation, they remain what they have always been, a family business with strict values and high standards. Performance and partnership with their customers are at the core of their success.

Here are a few great reasons to choose Meggle:

  • Dedicated to Pharma and Excipients
  • Innovation in DPI + Co-Processing
  • Highest Quality Standards / Product Quality (EXCiPACT GMP + GDP)
  • Customer Service / Fast Response Times / Application Management Team
  • 2 Production Sites + 2 Spray-drying towers
  • 80% of their Production Equipment is < 10 years old
  • Customization options in sieving and milling



Product Lists and Applications:

Meggle Lactose Excipients:

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