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Webinar Series – MGP – Taste & Texture from Plant-Based Proteins

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Connect & Learn – Quadra Ingredients Webinar Series – Register Today!

Quadra Ingredients invites you to join us for an upcoming Webinar, on on Taste & Texture from Plant-based Proteins presented by our supplier partner MGP.

Meat alternatives derived from plant proteins have generated considerable interest with product developers, consumers and investors. 2019 was a banner year for plant-based meat alternatives with its dramatic growth outpacing that of their conventional counterparts. One of the reasons for the positive developments is that the plant-based meat category is no longer largely viewed as limited to vegans and vegetarians. Another reason, especially for mainstream consumers, is the success of current plant-based meat products to replicate the appearance, taste, texture, aroma and mouthfeel of real meat. The drivers for the accelerated growth are the ongoing consumer concerns about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, animal welfare and human health. This webinar is primarily concerned with the properties and food applications of ProTerra™ textured wheat and pea proteins made by extrusion technology.

Presented By: Ody Maningat, PhD. – Vice President of Ingredients R&D and Chief Science Officer

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 7th at 1PM EST

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