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Webinar Series – Glanbia – The Facts on Snacks

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Quadra Ingredients invites you to join us for an upcoming Webinar, on The Facts on Snacks presented by our supplier partner Glanbia Nutritionals.

 The Facts on Snacks: How snacking has evolved and what consumers are now demanding from their snack foods.

Consumers are demanding more from their snacks. What once was a quick hunger fix with little thought is now a well-planned mini-meal with high nutritional expectations. This evolving consumer demand for healthy snacking has inspired exciting innovation across the food and beverage industry. Learn what drives consumer behavior in the healthy snacking market and gain insight into who these new “healthy snackers” are (hint: it’s everyone!), and what they truly want from their snack.

Understanding the Demand for Healthy Snacks

Grand View Research estimates the global healthy snacks market will reach nearly $33 billion by 2025 (5.2% CAGR 2019-2025). The healthy snacks market includes products such as bars, nut and seed snacks, dried fruit snacks, trail mixes, savory snacks, and meat snacks. Glanbia Nutritionals will provide an in depth market analysis on the healthy snacking market and define the unique product characteristics of a healthy snack from the consumer lens.

Not All Snackers Are Created Equal

Different consumer segments focus on different product attributes. A consumer that enjoys a very active lifestyle is going to seek different functional attributes from their snacks as compared to someone who is less active. Glanbia Nutritionals will look into four unique consumer profiles and discuss how each defines a healthy snack.

Snacking Solutions

Protein continues to be one of the most important product attributes to consumers when choosing a healthy snack. Glanbia Nutritionals has developed new, innovative ways to incorporate protein into multiple snack types such as bars, bites, beverages, and even chips. We will showcase some of our newest product concepts that not only provide functional benefits for the consumer, but taste great while doing it!

Presented By: Maya Talaga, M.Sc., Senior Sales Manager

Date & Time: Thursday, July 16th @ 1pm EST