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Webinar Series – Glanbia – Plant vs. Dairy

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Quadra Ingredients invites you to join us for an upcoming Webinar, on Plant vs. Dairy presented by our supplier partner Glanbia Nutritionals.

 Plant vs. Dairy: A look at the evolving consumer perceptions of plant-based dairy alternatives versus conventional dairy with a focus on yogurt.

Plant based nutrition has been a widely talked about category in the food and beverage industry. Understanding its overall impact on the industry is critical in order to keep up with consumer demand, innovate with new products, and grow with the trend. Glanbia Nutritionals will provide an in depth review of the plant nutrition category and how it competes with, and often complements, dairy with a focus on how plant based yogurt and conventional yogurt compete with each other and other external threats. 

Understanding the Plant Nutrition Category and Where it Fits

Consumers are starting to limit their dairy intake in different ways. Whether they’re switching to an oat-based creamer in the morning or making the full leap to plant-based dairy alternatives the new ‘flexitarian’ diet is becoming more mainstream. According to a recent Mintel report 21% of US consumers are claiming they look for ways to increase their plant-based food consumption for reasons of health, sustainability and taste with 81% agreeing that healthy eating is about balance, not restrictions. This means many consumers are looking for plant based products to complement their diet, not necessarily take over completely.

 What Really Matters

Consumers see the importance of a well-balanced diet and they expect to get certain functional health benefits from their foods. In order for dairy and plant based alternatives to thrive in an ever-evolving market, they must innovate and develop products that can compete with other convenient, on-the-go, nutritious snacks such as high protein snack foods and probiotic drinks. Yogurt especially has to concentrate on reenergizing its category by focusing on the natural benefits of yogurt (probiotics, protein, calcium) and the perceived naturalness of plant-based foods while still delivering the great taste and healthy indulgence consumers crave.

 The World of Hybrids

Combining plant and dairy offers a welcome solution to many flexitarian consumers. Plant/dairy hybrid products can offer consumers the creaminess of dairy that they’re used to with the plant benefits they appreciate.

 Plant Based & Dairy Solutions

Glanbia Nutritionals has extensive knowledge in both plant-based dairy alternatives and conventional dairy products. Our portfolio offers solutions ranging from better-for-you conventional dairy products to oat and pea based dairy alternatives.

Presented By: Maya Talaga, M.Sc., Senior Sales Manager

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 14th @ 1pm EST