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Webinar Series – Fundamentals and Simulation Modeling of Stability Packaging of Moisture Sensitive Products

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Connect & Learn – Quadra Ingredients Webinar Series

Welcome to Quadra Ingredients Fall Webinar Series

Our 1st session in our new webinar series will be on Wednesday, September 16th @ 2pm EST.  We will be featuring Airnov Healthcare Packaging, with whom we have been working with through our US division since 2007.  We are happy to now also be working with them for the Canadian Pharma, Supplements, Personal Care and Food markets.

Airnov’s goal is to create active packaging that helps maintain potency, stability and shelf life of products.  This includes products to help with moisture protection, equilibrium stabilizers, oxygen protection and odour control.

Join us as Mr. Valère Logel, Head of Strategic Innovation and Mr. Mark Florez, Head of Development and Application for the Americas discuss the following:

  • Fundamental concepts for evaluating the variables of preservation packaging
  • Explanation of the simulation methodology used to calculate the proper type and dosage of desiccants or oxygen scavengers
  • Illustrate these concepts with case studies and review the innovative product solutions that were key in helping achieve these results

Please feel free to share this invite with your colleagues that you think may have interest.

We’re looking forward to connecting and learning with you online.

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