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New Approval for Beneo Palatinose™

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Palatinose™ Beneo’s naturally sourced carbohydrate.   A source of sustainable energy!

Although approved as a food ingredient in Canada since 2012, we are very pleased to announce, as Beneo’s exclusive Canadian distributor, that import limits for Palatinose™ have now been removed by Environment Canada.

Palatinose™ is a fully digestible, slow-release carbohydrate, which offers a slower, lower, and sustained rise in blood glucose. With its low blood glucose profile, it offers a variety of health benefits for all individuals with varying lifestyles and nutritional needs, including for energy and performance, weight management, blood glucose management and dental health.

Palatinose™ offers many opportunities in a wide variety of food and beverage applications:

  • RTD Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Clinical & Infant Nutrition
  • Baked Goods, Glazings & Icings
  • Breakfast Cereals & Cereal Bars
  • Dairy Products & Frozen Desserts


To learn more about the sustainable and balanced energy this naturally sourced, smart carbohydrate can provide, contact your Quadra Account Manager or visit: