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Webinar Series #10 – Integrity Mining and Industrial (IMI)

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Please Join Quadra and Integrity Mining and Industrial (IMI) for a discussion on bio-polymers and their applications in the mining industry.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 11:00 am EDT

IMI was formed to be a catalyst for the technological and sustainable advancement of the mining and industrial markets. IMI will provide uniquely tailored, bio-polymer based solutions while providing unparalleled customer service. (

Topics of Discussion;

  • Who is IMI?
  • What is a Bio-Polymer & how do they follow the 12 principles of greener Chemistry?
  • Bio-Polymers as flotation additives for rougher circuits
  • Bio-Polymers as flotation additives for cleaner circuits
  • Bio-Polymer Water treatment products for tailings/thickeners
  • Questions


Laura Benavides, VP of Technology, INTEGRITY MINING AND INDUSTRIAL

William Gibbs, Executive Vice President, INTEGRITY MINING AND INDUSTRIAL