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Quadra Ingredients demo of Citri-fi Citrus Fibre

Creating a Clean-Label, Stable Emulsion using Citri-Fi® from Fiberstar

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Watch our quick how-to video using Citri-Fi® Citrus Fibre!  The first in our Ingredients How-To Video Series:

Citrus Fibre Benefits as a Natural Emulsifier

  • Improves stability of food products
  • Oil and water binding
  • High water holding in addition to emulsification

Check out how we use Citri-Fi® in our Vegan Mayonnaise application at the end of the video.

Citrus Fibre Benefits in Sauces

  • Emulsification
  • Freeze/thaw stability
  • Improved mouthfeel & more natural texture
  • Stability
  • Thickness

Learn more about Citri-Fi® on Fiberstar’s website HERE