Skin & Sun Care

If you require ingredients and technical support to achieve hydration, regeneration, anti-aging, soothing, brightening, moisturization, or any other complex skin care challenge, Quadra can help. We have a full line of actives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, emollients, humectants, preservatives, probiotics, and other functional ingredients.

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skin & suncare

Not all Delivery Systems are the same, and we prove it with our line of Liposome Actives
and Polymers. Look to InuMax® technology, designed specifically to demonstrate excellent ingredient
delivery and stability performance where higher active loads are preferred.

INUTEC®SL1 – The unbreakable stabilizer for O/W emulsions. A multifunctional emulsifier that is
effective at extremely low concentrations and at high temperatures and high electrolyte concentrations.
Vegetable derived, biodegradable, compatible with all oil soluble or lipophilic substances, it eliminates
difficulties with emulsion upscaling, can mask the tackiness and greasiness of sunscreens, vitamins,
waxes, petrolatum and many other unpleasant additives, all while enhancing the performance of your

With heightened global concern for UV protection, we are proud to offer our Eco-Friendly,
green broad-spectrum UV protection with Olesun® Z. Non-Nano ultra-fine zinc oxide particles,
offering better skin safety with no whitening effect caused by conventional ZnO materials.