Municipal – Potable & Waste Water

A wide range of chemicals, including many that are NSF-certified, combined with services like operator training, jar testing and inventory management, allows Quadra to bring significant value to our municipal customers. We see beyond the bid process and continue to bring innovation.

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Municipal – Potable & Waste Water

Potable and Waste Water treatment plants have unique requirements driven by government regulation. At Quadra, we keep informed of the changing regulatory landscape and tailor our offering accordingly.

We’ve added focus to our product training efforts for operators. We’re able to provide vendor managed inventory including tank level telemetry. And we’ve assembled an impressive line of coagulation & flocculation products along with the requisite jar testing services.

Other services offered to municipal customers include:

  • Local warehousing and superior logistics services
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis for competing treatment options
  • Compliance services including SDS management

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