Mining Collectors Technical Data Sheets

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the role of collectors in mining

The collector only accounts for approximately 1% of a mine’s operating budget, but it is vital to the profitability of an operation.  Small gains in recovery can result in millions of dollars of increased revenues for mining companies.  Increases in concentrate grades can also greatly increase the profitability for mining customers.  The contrary is also true – if recovery is struggling, money, in the form of desired mineral, is going out the back door to tailings. Also, operators are monetarily penalized for improper grade or metal contaminated concentrates.

Factors to consider when selecting a collector are: safety, environmental, personnel exposure, odors, ease of operations and effect on froth.  Potential collector chemistries can be excluded by any one of the above-mentioned issues.

The synergistic effects of blended sulfide collectors are well-documented.  In blending two or more of these collectors, greater selectivity and recovery can be achieved.  Thus, a collector can be tailored to the exact needs of the mine operator and optimized per their needs.

Quadra Chemicals is pleased to announce the launch of our new POLYFLOAT™ line of mineral processing collectors for both sulphide and non-sulphide ores. Quadra has aligned with world class manufacturing partners to bring state of the art and custom made solutions for your most demanding recovery challenges. Our experienced technical team of seasoned chemists and metallurgists can help you to select and formulate a custom reagent suite which will maximize your recovery rates, improve your concentrate grades and increase your overall production efficiency. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can assist with your latest projects.

Collector Data Sheets

Polyfloat™ 24301

Polyfloat™ 2979

Polyfloat 3430™

Polyfloat™ 3710

Polyfloat™ 38

Polyfloat™ 4155

Polyfloat™ 4320

Polyfloat™ 60

Polyfloat™ 7011

Polyfloat™ 7040


Polyfloat 7323 Technical Data Sheet

Polyfloat™ 7323

Polyfloat™ 7434

Polyfloat™ 7438

Polyfloat™ 7942

Polyfloat™ 7971

Tomamine M100-7 Technical Data Sheet

Tomamine® M100-7

Tomamine M4213 Technical Data Sheet

Tomamine® M-4210

Tomamine M4213 Technical Data Sheet

Tomamine® M-4213

Tomamine M7220 Technical Data Sheet

Tomamine® M-7220

Philflo Flotation Oils

Philflo® Flotation Oils