Hair Care

Quadra offers a broad range of commodity and specialty product lines such as ‘green’ and alternative products for the hair care industry. Natural Oils and Extracts, Ecocert ®, COSMOS®, and Sulphate-Free ingredients are some of the products in our portfolio, along with technical support and know-how.

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hair care

Consumers want healthy, shiny, glossy looking hair. Their purchasing is influenced by two main
trends: developments in skin care and the green/natural trend. With the demand strong for
sulfate free and mild surfactant cleansers, Quadra is your partner for economical solutions born
out of amino acid technology with our glycinates, glutamates, sarcosinates, and unique
differential blends.

While interest in natural preservatives is rising, look no further than to our innovative solutions
from Sino Lion® offering amino acid chemistry, glycols, natural products & plant extracts as well
as synergistic combinations.

Recognizing that the pattern of hair conditioning ingredients is getting closer to that of skin
care, we offer novel ingredients with multiple attributes which can set your product apart in the
eyes of consumers. Look for differentiation with our organic phospholipids complexes, to
formulate mild and clear systems to enhance the appearance and feel of hair.