Base Metals

Quadra’s team and our supplier partners have extensive knowledge and experience extracting copper, molybdenum, zinc, lead and nickel from ore. We offer a full range of reagents which can help you to achieve and exceed your recovery targets.

base metals

Base metals, such as copper, molybdenum, zinc, lead and nickel, constitute the back bone of our society.
For without these base metals, we would be without the commodities we take for granted everyday
such as electricity, heat, mobile phones, steel/stainless steel, batteries, paints, coatings, inks and rubber.
The extraction of base metals is critical for sustaining the quality of life that we are all used to in our
modern society.

Quadra Chemicals Ltd has partnered with world class suppliers to bring products and solutions to the
mining and milling of base metal ores. Whichever base metal you may be extracting, we have the
experience and the reagents which can help you to reach your production goals.

We pride ourselves in our complete line of commodity and specialty reagents for the base metal mining
market. As we like to say, we have reagents for the jaw crusher all the way to the tailings pond and
everything in between.

Froth Flotation Chemistry for Base Metal Extraction

Historically, froth flotation was first used in the mining industry, where it was one of the great enabling
technologies of the 20th century. It has been described as “the single most important technology used
for the recovery and upgrading of sulfide ores”. The development of froth flotation chemistry allowed
for the economic recovery of valuable minerals from much lower grade ore than before. As head grades
decline, froth flotation will clearly continue to be the dominant mineral concentration technology.

Froth flotation is a process of selectively separating precious minerals from gangue material found in a
slurry. Froth flotation is normally achieved by rendering the precious material hydrophobic (water
hating). This is done by adding a collector reagent in the slurry which will change the surface properties
of the desired mineral. Air and a chemical frother are then injected into the slurry to carefully
control the formation of bubbles. The hydrophobic particles then adhere to the air bubbles and float to
the surface of the flotation tank where they are skimmed off and successfully concentrated. The
hydrophilic (i.e. water loving) gangue material stays in the slurry and eventually will report to tails.

Quadra Mining Reagents is exclusively aligned with world class manufacturing partners that can bring to
our markets the latest trends and the most advanced products in froth flotation chemistry. We also have
an experienced technical support group which can help you to select the right reagent suite which can
help you to maximize you recovery rates, improve your concentrate grade and increase your overall
production efficiency. Our product range includes the following reagent types and supplier partners for
base metal froth flotation chemistry.

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