Quadra offers an extensive range of chemicals as additives and modifiers for construction products and materials manufacturing. Our products offer an array of functionalities for manufacturers of building materials, polymer additives, asphalt, concrete, composites, and more.

construction & materials manufacturing

The construction industry is comprised of many demanding segments that support the growing Canadian infrastructure. Quadra is partnered with suppliers that are dedicated and specialize in Construction and Building materials which include: cement, plastics, wood, steel and glass, as well as innovative new types of products with particular strength, thermal or low-maintenance properties. Quadra is an industry leader in sourcing quality products used in the construction and building materials industry. Our specialized sales team, market knowledge, logistical expertise and national infrastructure enable us to be a value-added business partner to many of our customers. Our strong alliances with world-class suppliers allow us to be a reliable partner of choice for your current and new product supply requirements. When you are working on a current or new construction application and searching for a product, our knowledgeable sales representatives look forward to working with you and taking on the challenge.