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A core market focusing on chemical manufacturers and formulators, Quadra sources and supplies chemicals for use as intermediates, additives, and key ingredients. We provide an extensive range of products with a focus on savings through total cost analysis.


The Industrial Chemicals business segment at Quadra can be best categorized into two sub-segments:

Chemical Synthesis and Chemical Blending & Formulating. Customers in these segments use the most diverse assemblage of raw materials compared to any other chemical market. Quadra’s ability to source specialty and commodity chemicals from around the world has allowed us to become a valued partner to our customers who rely on us for critical chemical supply.

Subindustries / Market Segments

Chemical Blending & Formulating

Quadra has an long history of supplying the chemical manufacturing market in Canada. Our strategically placed warehouses in combination with our logistical expertise have made us a significant contributor to this industry sector. Our people take pride in contributing to the success of this strengthening market segment.

Chemical Synthesis

A dedicated product management team sources unique materials globally and works with trust and transparency alongside our most valued supply partners. Our sales professionals take the time to learn our customers’ processes and requirements, enabling us to provide the best product & service options.

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